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profession "ТECHNICIAN-TECHNOLOGIST" in the food industry," specialty "cans"


1. Healthy eating. Develop formulas and design of products. Functional foods.
2. Food Safety. Development of technical documentation (TD), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), HACCP systems in canning, soft drinks, bakery products, confectionery, catering.
3. Soft drinks - formulas and technologies.
4. Storage and quality of fruits and vegetables. Processing of fruits and vegetables.
5. Standards and food law in the EU and Bulgaria.
6. Food additives under Regulation № 8 requirements for use of the additive

II. Sensory analysis

1. Sensory analysis of food and beverages
1. Cooling of fruits and vegetables - nature, methods of cooling, duration of cooling. Transportation of fruits and vegetables - pre-cooling
2. Equipment for cooling fruits and vegetables - tunnels and freezers
3. Requirements for fruit and vegetables intended for refrigerated storage. Preparation of refrigerators - cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, preparation of packaging.
4. Arrange in refrigerators, the basic parameters of the refrigeration system technology for storing refrigerated - ToC , j ,% , n , m / s, ventilation. Control during storage.
5. Cold storage of frozen fruits and vegetables in their natural environment, RBS and MA. Technological modes for cold storage refrigerated fruits and vegetables - tabular data.
6. Chemical and physical means of extending the shelf life of chilled fruit and vegetables
7. Freezing of fruits and vegetables - nature, methods krioskopichna temperature, amount of frozen water, duration of the process.
8. Technology of frozen fruits and vegetables - characteristics of pre-treatment, freezing, packaging, storage - regimes fluctuation temperature and humidity. Production of frozen fruits and vegetables - frozen strawberries, cherries, apricots, raspberries, plums, peas, green beans, peppers / grilled and cut / cauliflower.
9. Refrigeration of fruits and vegetables - advantages and disadvantages
IV. Technologies for preserving foodstuffs
1. General characteristics of the raw material base for the canning industry. Primary processing of fruits and vegetables. Heat treatment (blanching, frying, Braising). Packaging and packaging materials used in the manufacture and storage of food.
2. Principles and methods of preservation. Thermal sterilization. Nature of heat penetration in packaging sterilization. Way to determine the temperature regime.
3. Determining the time of sterilization and the sterilization effect.
4. Technology for the production of compost. Quality requirements.
5. Technology for production of sterilized canned vegetables. Quality requirements.
6. Technology for the production of meat and vegetable cans. Quality requirements.
7. Technology for the production of clear juices. Quality requirements.
8. Technology to make purees and nectars. Quality requirements.
9. Technology for production of baby food. Quality requirements.
10. Technology for the production of concentrated tomato and pepper products. Quality requirements.
11. Technology for the production of jellies. Quality requirements.
12. Technology for the production of jams. Quality requirements.
13. Technology for the production of marmalade. Quality requirements.
14. Technology for the production of sweet. Quality requirements.
15. Technology for the production of fruits and vegetables. Quality requirements.


1. Laboratory of Microbiology, Physical

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