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1962 - by Decree № 163/27.09.1962, the Laboratory for the Study of Food (canned goods, sugar, vegetable oils) has reorganized into the Canning Research Institute (CANRI).
In 1970 - NIIKP transformed in a center for research and development in association with the Institute of Vegetable Crops 'Maritsa' and Fruit Growing Institute, Plovdiv.
In 1974 - The Caning Research Institute (CANRI) is formed as a single unit  to NPSK "Georgi Dimitrov". The number of employees reached 140 people. They perform highly competitive research, implementation and information, enables a dynamic development of the state and cooperative cannery. During this period, the Institute was formed as a leading research center of national and international significance.
As a result of expansion in 1980, the staff reached 250 employees, including 43 researchers, including 20 people - senior research fellows, 20 candidates of sciences, Ph.D. 1.And the Departments are fully formed: "Technology for Preserving Fruits and Vegetables", "Chemistry of Canned Food", "Microbiology of Canned Food", "Mechanization and Automation of Technological Processes," "Economics, Organization and Forecasting the Development of Canning" "Design and Construction of New Technical Solutions", "Implementation of Scientific - Technical Excellence," "Standardization and Quality Control Methods Canned Foods", "Balance", "Administrative - business."
The most important scientific achievements implemented into practice during this period are:
• Physico-chemical characteristics of the Bulgarian fruits and vegetables for canning;
• Technology and recipes for the production of baby food;
• Technology and equipment of fluidized freezing fruits and vegetables;
• Technology and equipment for automatically sorting and grading of fruits and vegetables;
• Production technology of Pectolytic enzyme preparations;
• Technologies for processing mechanically picked fruits and vegetables;
• Technology for rapid clarification of juices;
• Technology and recipes for the production of tomato and salad dressings and mayonnaise salads;
• Technology and recipes for the manufacture of foods;
• Continuous sterilization of canned jars below and above 100 ° C;
• Foamdrying of fruits and vegetables;
• Microwave drying of fruits and vegetables;
• Aseptic preserving foodstuffs;
• Technologies for the production of extruded foods;
• Technology for cold storage of fruit and vegetables;
• Freeze drying of foods and bioproducts;
• Combined technologies for long-term storage of vegetables;
The Institute has repeatedly been awarded national and international awards.
1989 - The Institute is involved in the composition of the Agricultural Academy, Sofia.
2000 - An Institute of Horticulture and Canned (GCI), which includes the Institute of Canning and Vegetable Crops Research Institute "Maritsa"
2003 - Section "Canning Industry", Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies
2004 - Scientific-Production Experimental Center of the Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies
2005 - Regional Centre for Scientific-Applied Service
2007 - Canning Research Institute
2010 - Institute for Research and Development Authority (FoodRDI)

During the years of political and economic changes in the country, the Institute is stored as a scientific application link in the SAA, but has radically altered activity, structure and staffing. The main efforts are focused in two areas: research and development activities.
Research is related to the development of projects funded by national and international programs in the following areas: functional foods and beverages, technology transfer for the production of value-added foods, new ingredients and raw materials for food products aimed at specific target groups, non-destructive methods for the quality control of foods, and methods for sensing and texture profiles of food, migration of components of food packaging.
Applied work is concentrated in the National ACCREDITED LABORATORY FOR TESTING OF FOODS, BEVERAGES AND WATER, which analyzes the safety quality of 17 food groups. Experts from the Institute consult businesses - food in all matters concerning the implementation of national and international food legislation, development of systems for GMP, HACCP, ISO-9001, ISO 22 000:2006, ISO 17 025:2005, etc. During these years, the Institute has created and developed new research areas and laboratories, "Formulation and Design of Food", "Sensory Tests Eaters", "Quality and Food Safety Nut", "Determining the Elemental cComposition of the Food, Beverage, Water "" Development of Sensory and Textural Profiles of Food. "

The Institute has unique equipment and trained personnel to objectively express determination expiry date for consumption of all kinds of food, beverages and water. Over the last few years began research in the field of energy efficiency in the food industry in this country and in countries with developed economies, waste recovery and development of technologies with a closed water cycle in the production of food and beverage products.

Institute for Research and Development of food has good contacts with research centers in the EU (UK, Italy, Finland), USA, Ukraine and work on projects for the mobility of researchers in Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Macedonia and others.

Prominent achievements of the Institute and the changes that have taken place in Bulgaria strongly diversified our business and increased efficiency of utilization of research capacity.


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